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United Kingdom

Last updated on 9/16/2019
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Salary per category

15.46 of salary per hour skilled by agreement
13.29 of salary per hour skilled by agreement
12.67 of salary per hour craft operative by agreement
16.77 of salary per hour skilled by agreement
16.63 of salary per hour skilled by agreement
Not applicable to posted workers


8 hours from monday to thursday
7 hours on friday


39 hours per week


12:00 AM hour per day
It shall include a meal break of at least half an hour.

Within United Kingdom

Subsistence/daily allowance

40 GBP per night


150 % monday to friday for the first 4 hours
200 % monday to friday after the first 4 hours
Not applicable to posted workers

Night work

25 % per hour
Where work is carried out at night by a different group of operatives than those
working during daytime.

Working on Saturdays

150 %
200 % after 4 hours of work

Working on Sundays

200 %

Working on public holidays

200 %
All hours worked on a public holiday shall be paid for at the double rate

Shift work

14 % of salary per hour

Standby pay

by agreement

Number of holidays

22 days

Public holidays

8 days

Work injuries/accidents

Accident and Death Benefit
Claim Type Cover
Qualifying claims:
Loss of sight in both eyes £25,000
Loss of sight in one eye £10,000
Loss of hearing in one ear £3,000
Loss of hearing in both ears £10,000
Loss by amputation or the permanent loss of use of:
An entire hand or foot (below the elbow or knee) £25,000
An entire arm or leg (at or above the elbow or knee) £25,000
Big toe £1,300
Any other toe £600
Thumb £4,000
Index finger (loss of at least one joint) £4,000
Any other finger (loss of at least one joint) £800
Total Disablement:
12 Months £3,000
24 Months £3,000
Permanent £15,000
Maximum benefit payable: £25,000

The employer will provide insurance cover for accidental injury as
a result of an accident at the place of work or an
accident travelling to or from work.

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