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Last updated on 10/1/2021
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Minimum gross wage

10.48 EUR per hour
1,589.47 EUR per month

Salary per category


20,093 EUR to 20,876 EUR per year (civil engineering)
1,589.47 EUR to 1,595 EUR per month (building)


20,875 EUR to 23,943 EUR per year (civil engineering)
1,589.47 EUR to 1,713.1 EUR per month (building)


24,450 EUR to 27,922 EUR per year (civil engineering)
1,619.92 EUR to 2,072.2 EUR per month (building)


28,692 EUR to 30,328 EUR per year (civil engineering)
1,830.5 EUR to 2,362.11 EUR per month (building)


19,834 EUR to 36,594 EUR per year (civil engineering)
1,589.47 EUR to 3,042.01 EUR per month (building)


7 hours


35 hours


10 hours per day
48 hours per week (average maximum 44 hours per week over a period of 12 consecutive weeks)


Every 6 hours
20 minutes

Within France

Travel allowance

Petit déplacement: > 50KM : indemnités de trajet et transport calculées en fonction du nombre de km et par région. pour les grands déplacements, remboursements sur facture des transports ou forfaitaire défini dans l’entreprise.
Note : en grand déplacement, l’entreprise doit prendre à sa charge les frais périodiques de transports jusqu’à son domicile
For posted workers
If you are a posted worker, these allowances are on top of the compulsory payment by your employer of transport costs from your home country to your workplace in France.

Meal allowance

Travaux Publics
10.5 to 12.24 EUR daily
8.6 to 11 EUR daily
Barème URSAFF Grand déplacement <50KM
19.1 EUR daily
Négociation d’entreprise pour déterminer les forfaits Ou remboursement sur facture

Accommodation allowance

Barème URSAFF Grand déplacement <50KM
68.5 EUR daily (paris +département 92.93 and 94 )
50.8 EUR daily autres départements ou eemboursement sur facture


First 8 hours : 25 % of salary per hour
After 8 hours 50 % of salary per hour

Night work

Determined at company level
From 9:00 pm to 6:00 am

Working on Sundays

Determined at company level
Sunday work remains highly regulated and remains exceptional.

Working on public holidays

Determined at company level
Bank holiday worked must be compensated by another vacation day (except when having worked for less than three months)

Shift work

Determined at company level

Standby pay

Determined at company level

Annual holidays allowance

30 % of holiday pay

Extra holidays

En function de l’ancienneté +2j après 20 ans, +4j après 25ans, +6j après 30ans mais des accords d’entreprise peuvent prévoir des jours de congès liés à l’ancienneté dés la 3ème année.

13th month

It is possible to have a 13th month but it has to determined by the company

Supplementary occupational retirement pension schemes

Not applicable to posted workers

Additional wage components

Arduousness (pénibilité) determined at regional level

Number of holidays

2.5 days per month
30 days per year

Public holidays

10 days + pentecost (specific statute)
1st January
Easter Monday
1st May
8th May
14th May
14th July
15 August
1st November
11th November
25th December

Social security contributions

23 % of gross salary taking into account pension funds.
For posted workers
As a posted worker, your employer must register you and must make social contributions in the country where he is established. As proof, the employer must have an A1 form showing that you are indeed covered in the event of work accidents, sickness, retirement, family benefits, etc.

Income tax

Depends on the company

Additional pension funds

Tax paid at the end of the year
If you stay more than 183 days in France in a given year, you must pay taxes in France.


Day 4 to 48 : 100 %
Day 49 to 90 : 75 %
For posted workers
Does not apply to posted workers

Work injuries/accidents

If the unavailability is less than 30 days day 1 to 15 EUR 90 %
If the unavailability is less than 30 days day 16 to 30 : 100 %
If the unavailability is more than 30 days day 1 to 90 : 100 %
For posted workers
Does not apply to posted workers

Info Contacts

Fédération nationale Construction et Bois – CFDT

47/49 avenue Simon Bolivar
75950 Paris cedex 19
T. + 00 33 (0)1 56 41 55 60
You can contact us in the following languages
Bulgarian, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian

Fédération Nationale des Salariés de la Construction, du Bois et de l’Ameublement CGT

263 rue de Paris
93514 Montreuil
You can contact us in the following languages
English, French

FO Bâtiment, Bois, Papier, Carton, Céramique

Avenue Parmentier 170, CS 20006
75479 Paris Cedex 10
T. 0033142013000
You can contact us in the following languages
English, French

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