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North Macedonia

Last updated on 6/29/2023
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Minimum gross wage

29,740 MKD monthly

Salary per category

Average salary (indication)

51,390 MKD per month


8 hours


40 hours


8 hours per week
190 hours per year
If applicable, at 190 hours per year the worker receives an additional salary corresponding to 1 month average national salary



12 hours between shifts


30 minutes after 4 hours of work
Part of standard working time

Special conditions

Max 3 months per year
Applicable to high risk jobs according to special rules

Within North Macedonia

Travel allowance

8 % of average national net monthly salary

Meal allowance

Depending on the contract

Accommodation allowance

With employers contract


35 % of salary per hour
50 % of salary per hour working on sundays

Evening work

Not allowed

Night work

From 10:00 pm to 6:00 am
35 % of salary per hour

Working on Saturdays

35 % of salary per hour

Working on Sundays

35 % of salary per hour

Working on public holidays

Not mandatory
50 % of salary per hour

Shift work

0.5 % of salary per hour

Standby pay

70 % of salary

Annual holidays allowance

Min 40 % max 100 % of the average national net monthly salary
Paid after the 6th month of work of the year


After 57 years for women
After 59 years for men

Supplementary occupational retirement pension schemes

Not applicable to posted workers


70 % of salary per hour

Number of holidays

20 to 26 days
General collective agreement for private sector and General collective agreement for public sector

Public holidays

12 days
New Year's Day
7 january orthodox christmas day
8 january
Easter Monday
Labour Day
24 may st. cyril and methodius
2 august day of the republic
8 september independence day
11 october day of the national uprising
23 october day of the macedonian revolutionary struggle
8 december st. clement of ohrid
First day of Ramadam (Bairam)

Social security contributions

18.8 % pension service
7.5 % health insurance
1.2 % employment fee
0.5 % occupational disease

Additional social security insurance

10 % of net salary
Not obligatory

Income tax

10 % of gross salary


Up to 15 days : 70 % of gross salary
15 to 30 days : 90 % of gross salary
After 30 days : covered by the insurance fund

Work injuries/accidents

100 %

Info Contacts

Trade Union of Civil Engineering, Industry and Planning of Republic of Macedonia

Mirche Acev No.6
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
Tel. +389 2 3217 521
You can contact us in the following languages
Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Macedonian, Serbian