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Last updated on 1/20/2023
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Minimum gross wage

Applicable to posted workers
12 EUR per hour construction worker without experience (wage class c) germany

Salary per category

17.61 until 25.23 EUR per hour (western germany)
14.9 until 24.26 EUR per hour east germany
17.41 until 24.91 EUR per hour (berlin)


Monday until thursday 8 hours winter period december until march
Friday 6 hours winter period december until march
Monday until thursday 8.5 hours april to november
Friday 7 hours april to november


41 hours april to november
38 hours winter period


2 hours per day maximum

Within Germany

Travel allowance

0.2 EUR per km with own car - maximum 20 euros/day

Meal allowance

4.09 EUR western germany, only if the worker is away from home for more than 10 hours

Accommodation allowance

24 EUR per day


25 % of salary per hour

Night work

From 8:00 pm until 5:00 am
20 % of salary per hour

Working on Saturdays

if works council agrees, no premiums

Working on Sundays

Allowed - if public authorities agree
75 % of salary per hour

Working on public holidays

Allowed - if public authorities agree
Max 200 % of salary per hour

Shift work

Allowed - if works council agrees

Hazardous work

0.3 until 71.6 EUR per hour

Annual holidays allowance

20 % of gross salary

13th month

Max 113 hours wages - in most parts of western germany

Number of holidays

30 days per year
The legal minimum is 20 days/year. The social partners agreed on 30 days/year for the construction sector

Public holidays

Around 12 days per year
Public holidays change from region to region.

Social security contributions

20 %

Income tax

The Income tax is calculated on the revenues of the worker and its family status (married or not, children, income of husband/wife/partner)

Additional pension funds

9.2 EUR per month
minimum additional pension deduction for construction workers


Week 1 until 6 : 100 % paid by the employer
After week 6 : 90 % paid by the health insurance max net

Info Contacts

DGB-Projekt Faire Mobilität (DGB-Project Fair Mobility)

Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 69-77
60329 Frankfurt am Main
You can contact us in the following languages
Bulgarian, English, German, Polish, Romanian

Industriegewerkschaft Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt Vorstandsbereich Bauwirtschaft - Baustoffindustrie

60439 Frankfurt/Main
Tel. +496995737244
You can contact us in the following languages
German, English