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L-aħħar aġġornata f' 20/02/2020
Ara l-muniti kollha f' frank Svizzeru (CHF)

Paga gross minima

There is no national statutory minimum wage.

Salarju kull kategorija

Construction worker without experience (Wage class C)

25.95 CHF sa 26.75 CHF

Construction worker with experience (Wage class B)

29.2 CHF sa 29.95 CHF

Trainee with construction-specific course visits (wage class A)

30.85 CHF sa 31.7 CHF

Qualified with apprenticeship in construction (wage class Q)

32.05 CHF sa 32.9 CHF

Foreman (wage class V)

34 CHF sa 36.9 CHF


7.5 sa 9 siegħat
According to working time calendar.

Kull ġimgħa

40.5 siegħat
Annual total hours: 2,112 (52.14 weeks of 40.5 hours on average).


50 siegħat kull ġimgħa
A premium must be paid at the end of the following month to compensate for all hours worked in excess of 48 hours a week.


15 minuti
60 minuti

Travel time

Although workers are compensated for travel time (minus 30 minutes a day) in their basic wage, travel time does not count as working time.

Within Żvizzera

Kumpems għall-ivvjaġġar

0.6 CHF għal kull km
Travel costs are only reimbursed if the company has explicitly instructed that a private vehicle be used.
The company must cover the cost of posted workers’ travel to Switzerland.

Kumpens għall-ikel

16 CHF (higher in a few cantons)
If the company does not provide food.

Kumpens għall-akkomodazzjoni

While the company must cover the costs of accommodation and meals, there are no guidelines on the matter.


25 %
A premium is paid for all hours worked in excess of 48 hours per week. 25 new and 100 hours of overtime in all can be carried over at the end of each month (a premium must be paid immediately for all hours in excess of this).
At the end of April, a premium is paid for all remaining overtime.

Xogħol bil-lejl

At least 25 % kull siegħa
2 CHF kull siegħa
For work between 8.00 pm and 5.00 am (company must obtain prior authorisation).

Ħidma nhar ta' Sibt

25 %
The various premiums may not be combined.

Xogħol fil-Ħdud

50 %
For work between 5.00 pm on Saturday and 5.00 am on Monday (company must obtain prior authorisation).

Xogħol bix-xift,

Time bonus of 20 minuti per shift
Jew 1 CHF kull siegħa

kumpens tal-btajjel annwali

10.6 % 5 ġimgħat
13 % 6 weeks up to and including the age of 20, and above the age of 50.

It-13-il Xahar

8.3 %
Paid out at the end of each year.


At the age of 65
Statutory provision.

Supplementary occupational retirement pension schemes

Altersrücktritt ab 60 Jahren in Branchen Bauhauptgewerbe und Gleisbau (FAR)
Employee contribution of 2 %
No free movement of benefits. Pension received if strict conditions are met. Contribution not mandatory for posting assignments of up to 90 days.

Numru ta' vaganzi

5 ġimgħat from the age of 20 to the age of 50.
6 ġimgħat up to and including the age of 20, and above 50.
Payment method to be agreed with the company.

Festi Pubbliċi

8 festi pubbliċi kull sena
Paid based on when they fall (hours according to the working time calendar).

Taxxa fuq id-dħul

10 sa 15 %
Taxes are only deducted at source for foreign workers with temporary or no residence permits. All others pay the taxes in arrears.

Fondi addizzjonali tal-pensjoni

300 CHF sa 700 CHF
Individually determined by each company (only payable after 90 days of employment).
Għall-ħaddiema stazzjonati
Partly applicable

Pension, invalidity

5.125 %


1.1 %

Accident insurance

1.5 sa 3 %
For non-work-related accidents (during leisure time). Individually determined by each company.

Wage insurrance

1.5 sa 3 %
Individually determined by each company (up to 50% of the actual costs).

Parifonds contribution

0.7 %
Members of the Unia trade union may be reimbursed a larger share.

Foundation FAR

2 %
Contribution not mandatory for posting assignments of up to 90 days.
Mhux applikabbli għal ħaddiema stazzjonati

Health insurance (private)

250 CHF sa 400 CHF
Insurance cover must be taken out with a private insurer (see EU/EFTA workers: exemption from compulsory insurance for posting assignments of up to 24 months upon presentation of an A1 certificate.
Għall-ħaddiema stazzjonati
Partly applicable


90 % from the second day (up to a maximum of 730 days)
Allowances and benefits are paid through the company.

Korrimenti fuq ix-xogħol/aċċidenti

80 % from the first day (up to a maximum of 730 days)
Allowances and benefits are paid through the company.

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