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Join a union

Workers rights

Most of the rights that workers enjoy today are the result of the continuous efforts and struggles of Trade Unions in the course of the past decades. In general workers have achieved a lot. But these achievements cannot be taken for granted, they are always under pressure. We face new challenges every day, this is why Trade Unions are now more important than ever.
Together we are strong and we can make a difference for you and your colleagues.

What a Union can do for you *

  • inform you and defend your rights as a worker
  • help in securing your job and a fair and higher pay
  • ensure safe and healthy working conditions
  • represent you towards your employer and negotiate a good deal for you
  • provide legal support and assistance
  • provide training or help you with your training needs
  • support you in finding a job
  • make you feel part of a group, where your voice matters
  • ...

We need you

A Union is only as strong as the engagement of its members, we need YOU to:

  • engage
  • take responsibility
  • show solidarity


By joining a Union you will become member of a wider community fighting for the rights and the wellbeing of all. You won’t be alone anymore! LET’S WORK TOGETHER

You need us, we need you!

To know how, click on the link here to find somebody who will be glad to assist you.

*services may vary from country to country